Mark it in your calendar: Bike Night Flachau, 8 August 2015


A short review ...

On the 9th of August 2014, the 4th edition of the Bike Night Flachau took place. It was again a great bike event with top-class bikers and a great audience. The hundred participants of the Bike Night fought in the truest sense of the word a mud fight. Despite, and perhaps because of the vagaries of the weather the Bike Night was an exciting and action-packed event that old and young enthusiasts.

Tauernhof Guest Team 2014


The Tauernhof guest team could hardly expect to get going!

You can see the fun and excitement in their faces.

Tauernhof Bike Team 2014


With high spirits, our team was able to fight for the 5th place!

A little video of our Tauernhof bike team can be found here.

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