Our guides are highly trained and will take you on first-class tours. They know the most beautiful spots, the most exciting tours and let you in on tricks and tips.

Sports Camp director

Lukas - director of the Sports Camp

Sports Camp Director

Favourite tour: Sattelbauer

Lukas loves all kinds of sports and therefore he is just at the right place here in our Tauernhof. He knows all the biketracks and mountains around flachau and loves to make sports with the kids in our camp. In the afternoon you will find him outdoors at the beach volleyball place - always ready for a match. He is your contact person for questions all- around biking and techniques. He is responsible for our FOCUS testbikes and is the right guy for all heavy cycling tours. 


Lukas - mountain and road bike guide

Mountain- & Roadbikeguide

Favourite tour: Jägersee

Lukas is not only a passionated biker, but also a professional skier and racer in winter. He goes to university where he studies sports and teaches. He is always full of energy- never too tired for any kind of activity! He is your contact person and budy when it comes to fitness,training and endurance.

Sport- & Bikeguide

Favourite tour: Marbachalm

Maria is a real all- rounder. She studied Tourism in one of Salzburgs famous schools- and as her parents and grandparents are working in tourism as well, she knows how to inspire our vacationers!

Her disciplines are Fit for Fun Tours, Inlineskating and Nordic Walking. 

She is a certificated mountainbike guide and shows you Flachau from its most beautiful side!



Roadbike Guides

Hiking and road bike guide

Favourite tour: Hochkönigrunde

Sepp grew up in Tauern and took in Alpine sports with his mother’s milk, so to speak. He is a trained bike guide and certified hiking guide. His racing bike is his elixir. He is a full-blooded biker, a passionate mountaineer and a professional outdoorsman. His manner as a guide is guaranteed to impress everyone.

Sport- & Fitnessguide

Maria grew up with sport and it is therefore not surprising that she chose this field for her profession. After many years in peak alpine sports she is now studying  Sports Science at the University of Salzburg.  In Tauernhof she is responsible for the t fitness programme, leads hiking tours and supports our bike guides on their tours.

What's it all about? A few snippets from our programme.


Two basic rules for turns:

Always look into the turn, never look out. Brake in good time before the turn 

The uphill technique:

The right uphill gear is the prerequisite for constant pedal pressure and an equally high pedal frequency. The steeper the incline, the further you shift your centre of gravity forwards. Shifting forward on the saddle and lowering your upper body keeps the front wheel on the ground.
Look around regularly to avoid straining your neck muscles.

The downhill technique:

Stand up in the pedals to help you absorb impact better. Keep your arms at an angle to your body for better steering and absorption of impact. Position your index and middle fingers on the brake levers. The steeper the decline, the more you should shift your position back.


The bike technique training takes place every Tuesday (subject to change).

Wollt ihr auch am Biketraining mit den Tauernhof Guides teilnehmen? Sendet uns am besten gleich eure unverbindliche Anfrage und freut euch auf einen unvergesslichen Bikeurlaub in der Salzburger Sportwelt!

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