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...... And all those who prefer to drive the mountains down than go up


High speed downBikeparks und Downhill

The object of downhill riding is to travel down a mountain trail on a special downhill bike as fast as possible. Travelling over rough terrain peppered with natural obstacles and at speeds of more than 100km/h, the bike must be kept under full control at all times. The difficult part is finding a happy medium between maximum speed and minimum risk of falling. Downhill bikes aren't suitable for going uphill due to their special, robust properties such as heavy weight, low bottom bracket and tail-heavy sitting position, high-volume tyres and maximum of 10 gears. You get up the mountain by cableway, chairlift or shuttle.  Protective equipment, such as an integral helmet, upper-body armour, reinforced gloves, wrist guards, elbow pads, kneepads and shin guards, is recommended for downhill biking and is obligatory for racing.
You can borrow protective equipment and bikes from the Tauernhof sportcamp.



Mountainbikeparks nearby

WagrainBikeparks und Downhill

  • "Take it fast or take it slow!": a continuous trail that was "shaped" with an excavator.
  • Specially built trail for adrenaline junkies
  • Skills Centre: the ideal place to pick up technical skills or improve on them
  • Slopestale Session Park: play about to reach the next level

The park has 300 vertical metres with a wide variety of trails for all abilities, from beginners to experts. Rookie or experienced mountain bikers love this addictive mix of gentle, wide, machine-constructed trails with massive turns and waves, like you find on trails like "ON AIR". Hard-core bikers head for the cult trail "Symphony", which is filled with massive turns, table-tops, step-ups and drops. To round off the day on authentic, Canadian North Shore trails, there are also old-school single tracks such as "Memories" with roots and tree trunks. And just like a normal skiing day in Wagrain, the "Flying Mozart" gondola is there to take you and your bike up the mountain for more "downhill action". 


Skill Center und Bike Camps
There is a complete skill centre/skill course at the mid-station of the 10-person gondola, which introduces bikers to freeriding. Learn how to navigate turns, waves and other obstacles before venturing into the park. Experienced bikers can tweak their skills on teeter-totters, drops and discombomulators. And a bike camp is an even better place to learn.














Bikepark LeogangBikeparks und Downhill

The first and largest bike park in Austria entices with perfectly prepared downhill and freeride trails, a demanding 4-cross with a starting gate and scoreboard clock, a dual course and various kickers. And if that's not enough, you can flit over to the Glemmer valley to the 5,000m-altitude freeride. The freeride trail at Leogang Bike World is a dirt road with steep turns, camel humps, tables and tunnels. You can by-pass difficult sections on "chicken ways". At the end of the freeride trail, the "biker-cross" promises hot duals and spectacular races over tables, doubles and huge banked turns.

Two riders can dual on the "dual" course or measure their progress on the scoreboard clock. The "downhill", with 458m altitude and numerous root passages, steep sections and jumps, is world cup level and is a challenge for real guys. The gondola lift takes you up to the Asitz mid-station. This is the starting point of the downhill and freeride trails. Those wanting to do the 5-gondola freeride need to travel further up to the summit station and then down into the Glemmer valley.







Bikepark Planai (Schladming)Bikeparks und Downhill

Starting point is right next to the Planai summit station, where you can expect the first brilliant combination of banked turns after the first few metres. At high speed, sometimes on the ski slope, it continues to the precipice near the reservoir, which is technically the most difficult section of the upper part of the trail. Wet handling skills are especially important here.
The rest of the trail runs under the Planai cableway and on the margins of the slopes, with a varied course of natural stepped terrain and banks that allow you to show off your moves. Interesting tip for beginners: you can by-pass all of the difficult passages on the alternative routes.

After the steep descent at the mid-station where you can really take flight, the trail continues with the typical elements of the Planai downhill course: endless banked turns, mainly at medium speed. Really hard-core guys and gals can add a double dimension by jumping over a stream, but there's also a bridge for mere mortals.
One of the highlights of the trail is final, seemingly endless combination of steep turns directly under the Planai cableway. Then: react at "insane speeds" whilst gravity pulls you down the world-famous Planai final slope.

After 4,500m of Fun & Action along the path of the cableway, you reach the Planai Olympic stadium.

You might be asking yourself, "what now?"  Yeah, dust yourself off and hop on the next gondola... .



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