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Environmental Protection & Sustainability

Award-winning environmental holidays in the 4* Hotel Tauernhof in Flachau


It is quite clear that we care about our environment. But words must be accompanied by deed. For us at TAUERNHOF environmental protection means more than just giving lip service. We put our commitment in to action....

As the first and only hotel in Flachau, was the TAUERNHOF awarded to the Austrian Environmental Label for the highest quality standards, environmentally friendly and sustainable management. At the same time the European environmental label was awarded (EU Ecolabel) and the Tauernhof was accepted into the ranks of the Climate Alliance Companies.

Climate Alliance-Companies

As a Climate Alliance Business, we commit ourselves to carrying out concrete climate protection measures in the business. In Tauernhof, for example, we use regional materials and LED-lights, and installed energy efficient windows and an insulating facade. As a climate protection company, we must specify climate protection targets. Complying with or reaching it will be reviewed externally.

Environmental Label

An award with the Austrian Environmental Label is only granted to those hotels that meet, along with comprehensive environmental criteria, numerous other requirements, such as corresponding quality and practical implementation. The Austrian Environmental Label stands for top quality and environmentally friendly policy. This goes from the use of regional foodstuffs to responsible handling of resources such as water and energy. To assure transparency and provide the guests with safety, the compliance of these strict environmental guidelines is tested and documented by an independent audit every four years.

umwelt blatt salzburg 

At the end of March 2015, the Tauernhof got the environmental award umwelt blatt salzburg. By our measures we reduce waste and conserve resources. The Tauernhof is one ot ten companies in Salzburg which received the umwelt blatt salzburg.

In the TAUERNHOF guests can depend on an award-winning and environmentally friendly holidays!


And what we actually do ...

Regional Products

Under the motto “the region on your plate and in your glass”, our buyers insist on quality products from the region and Austria. We count on suppliers like the Salzburg region dairy and work closely with regional businesses. Your breakfast rolls for example are produced right here in Flachau and the excellent steaks in the Schusterhäusl come exclusively from Austrian beef.


Waste Sorting 

Along with a well-thought-out waste sorting system, we place a lot of importance in avoiding waste in the first place. We increasingly attempt to make use of re-useable packaging materials. We also encourage our guests to avoid and sort waste.


Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

By using environmentally friendly cosmetics and personal care products from ADA, we considerably reduce the pollution of our environment. The products we use are not just good for the environment but also lend a new gloss to your skin and hair.



The starting point is heating from renewable energy. Heating is provided by the local heating plant using biomass. Thanks to heating from renewable energy is always comfortably warm in Tauernhof and the building’s ideal insulation assures that the heat is retained in the building longer.



An important point and one that is indispensable to modern life is electricity from the electrical socket. Renovations are equipped exclusively using the newest LED-lighting and gradually all conventional light bulbs are being replaced with LED-technology. That saves electricity. 85% of the electricity with which you re-charge your Smartphone or tablet or that is used in the building comes from hydroelectric power from the region.



The water you use to wash is pure well water from the Marbachtal and is imminently potable. We use bio-degradable cleaning agents and our waste water passes through an oil separator before it gets into the sewer system. The residues from it are recycled. We also separate the waste in Tauernhof – paper, glass, metal, etc. and dispose of it separately. We ask for your support!