Outdoor sports

The alpine summer with a kick - you can practise "everything that God has forbidden" - and everything you've always wanted to have a go at in Flachau. Our weeklong packages - Alpine Mix and Alpine Extreme - include 3 and/or 5 different consecutive sports. But you can also book the individual activities on-site.



Rafting is a type of water sport where you navigate down the river in an inflatable boat (raft). Fun and adventure for everyone along the River Enns. In light white waters, as a family adventure or in challenging waters for all those of you who love the kick.

Rafting in der Soča



Canyoning is an adventure sport where you conquer deep gorges, rugged rocks and wonderful waterfalls from top to bottom using a variety of methods - abseiling, downward climbing, jumping, sliding and swimming.




For all who want to learn! Downhill is all about mastering a cordoned-off downhill trail on a mountain bike. The downhill park in Wagrain with flowing lines, fat obstacles and countless steep turns provides the necessary adrenaline hit. 

Alpin Mix & Alpin Extrem


Climbing garden

A climbing garden is a 9-metre-high obstacle course mounted on a group of tree trunks, which consists of wire ropes, ropes, nets, trunks and much more. The climber completes a course of 20 different exercises, whilst in a safety harness. One main attraction is definitely the 150-metre-long zip line across the lake! AlpinMix



In zorbing, you sit in the zorb (a huge inflatable, double-skin, transparent ball made of PVC) and you roll down a slope. Are you brave enough? You go down fast. You do giant loops and turns, lose sight of the horizon and do a jump - wow!

Alpin Mix & Alpin Extrem



In kayaking, you paddle over a lake in a narrow boat with a double paddle. You can try out different paddling techniques, capsize and have a go at the famous Eskimo roll. Duration: approx. 2 hours. The course takes place at the lake (Zahmwasser). Kajak



The Segway is an electric-powered means of transport for one person. The driver stands on a platform that is located between two wheels. The self-balancing vehicle has handlebars that the driver uses to control the desired speed and direction of travel. You can explore Flachau's meadows, pastures and villages on the off-road Segways. You can expect a unique floating experience.



Dirt Surfen

Dirt surfing is a cool combination of surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. A dirt surfer consists of an aluminium frame with 15-20-inch tyres and is fitted with shoe or disc brakes, depending on the model. The rider controls the device by merely shifting their weight. Included FunPark SPECIAL - the sportcamp team give you the necessary tips and tricks to help you master this set of wheels in no time. AlpinMix


Cave tour

A mysterious and fascinating experience that you'll remember long after your holiday is over.



Paragliden - Tandemflug

Paragliden / Gleitschirmfliegen bezeichnet das Gleitsegeln mit einem Gleitschirm. Der Pilot sitzt dabei in einem Gurtzeug unter dem Gleitschirm und ist mit diesem durch Leinen verbunden.
Tandem - Paragliden
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