Technique is very importang - Especially when Skating

Downhill Alpine Skating

Mountainous and hilly landscapes used to be a nightmare for in-line skaters, but now theses terrains are an absolute highlight. There are special in-line skates for going uphill.  Short and long bursts of momentum come one after the other and provide the ultimate feeling of speed, physical control and outdoor experience. The name of this style, like the movement itself, is reminiscent of skiing. Alpine skating includes disciplines such as slalom, RTL, Super G and slope. Non-skiers can learn the winter sport technique and skiers are practically advanced freewheelers.


Route System

      The trails (the asphalt pistes in freewheeling-speak) follow the piste guidance system: blue, red and black, ascending according to difficulty. In Flachau, special routes can be reserved at hourly intervals for training and freeskating. You’re equipped with skates, the mandatory full protection and helmet, and optionally with (telescope) poles and padded trousers for your bum.


Nordic BladingNordic Blading in Flachau

Nordic winter athletes have long been using in-line skating with poles as a way of training for winter cross-country skiing competitions. Now fitness skaters have adopted it as an absolute fun sport. Achieving high speeds with poles, and effortlessly conquering inclines using the poles, in-line skating was a rediscovered pleasure. We offer weekly Nordic blading excursions along the Ennsweg. Positive side effects – you'll burn more fat, which means you'll need to consume more calories. Poles can be rented from the sportcamp. The Tauernhof activity programme includes weekly excursions for experienced in-line skaters along the Enns. You can borrow poles in the sportcamp.


Fitness Skating

We're also just the place for people who prefer to stay on the straight and narrow, as well as beginners who want to learn to in-line skate.


For BeginnersSkaten im Tauernhof

We offer in-line skating courses for absolute beginners where they can learn the technique. You can simply borrow skates and protective gear from the sportcamp and have a go. Ask our guides for tips and tricks to help you skate like a pro in no time. >Tauernhof FunPark




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