Fun & Action Club

Our trendy and sporty programm
for the coolest holidays in the mountains of Austria

Our special for Kids age 10+ & Teenagers

During the holidays, there is a trendy sports programme every day from 3.00 pm for the coolest vacation in the mountains of Austria. It is supervised by our sports guides and is part of the Tauernhof kids guest package. There is a club meeting at the start of each week and every child gets a Tauernhof Fun & Action Club T-shirt to show, that they are part of the club.

Pure action

Kids can try out in-line skates and skateboards in our FunPark, safely conquer the Tauernhof sports climbing wall, do jumps on the trampoline, take part in a beach volleyball match, run after the ball in a street hockey or street soccer match, have a high-jump contest on the trampoline, create a street course and much more to get into the holiday mood.  But if the weather isn't on your side, you can also enjoy a game of water polo or a table football match.

Tauernhof is the ultimate Funsporthotel in Salzburg

Opening hours

The FunPark is open every day from after breakfast until 10.00 pm, with a break for lunch.

Professional supervision and access to equipment (rental, shop and service) are open daily between 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm.

During the school holidays, including spring, the Whitsun holidays, summer and autumn holidays, we guarantee that all sporty youngsters will meet people like them at the Tauernhof. Real cliques almost always congregate. Obviously the majority of youngsters at the Tauernhof are skaters, bikers or skateboarders. But don't worry if you aren't a skater or biker - all kids and teens find something suitable!

Fun & Action club Fanseite auf Facebook

Am Ende jeder Woche werden die X-Games organisiert und alle bekommen die ersehnten Fun- & Action Urkunden und Medaillen für ihre sportlichen Tage in Österreich. Die eigene Facebook Fanseite motiviert auch nach den Ferien noch mit den neu gewonnenen Freunden in Kontakt zu bleiben.


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