Total relaxation, feel every muscle and become aware of your body. A massage encourages cell regeneration after sports activities and gives you that holiday feeling!

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The treatments - a selection from Conney's repertoire

  • Classic massage

    We can't imagine treatment without it. Kneading, stroking, pounding, vibrations, friction and shaking have a beneficial effect on muscles and the surrounding tissue. The massage can be tailored to match your individual needs with the addition of selected aromatic oils.       

    Full-body massage

    40 min. 44,00 EUR
    Half-body massage 30 min. 33,00 EUR
    Aromatic oil massage 40 min. 52,00 EUR
  • Sports massage

    The main purpose of a sports massage is to prevent and alleviate muscle pain due to minor traumas, scars and adhesion. It enables fast recovery, increases performance and reduces the athlete’s risk of sustaining an injury.

    Sports massage with muscle stretching

    30 min. 35,00 EUR
  • Manual lymphatic drainage

    Accumulated liquids are removed through the lymph vessel system using gentle manual pump and stretch circular movements. This massage uses minimal pressure. As lymph drainage has a positive effect on the lymph, the nervous system and the immune system, it can be used in many different cases.

    Manual lymph drainage - full-body

    40 min. 55,00 EUR
    Half-body 30 min. 39,00 EUR
    Face and ear candles 50 min. 64,00 EUR
    Face 30 min. 39,00 EUR
  • Foot reflexology

    This alternative therapy is based on knowledge that has been passed down from Native Americans and the teachings of the American doctor William Fitzgerald. According to this therapy, you can tell everything about a person by their feet. Each organ corresponds with a specific area of the foot (reflex zones). The aim of foot reflexology is to bring balance the whole body and thus all organs.  
    Foot refloxology massage 40 min. 44,00 EUR
    Foot refloxology massage 30 min. 33,00 EUR
    Combined massage, specific area and foot refloxology massage, 20 min. each 40 min. 44,00 EUR


Conny and her colleagues are qualified and experienced masseurs. They look forward to helping you discover a new zest for our sports-filled days in Flachau! Please see the information board in front of the reception desk for the days that they are at the hotel. Appointments can be arranged through our hotel receptionists.




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