FOCUS bike testcentre


For the last 6 years Tauernhof has been a permanent testcentre partner of FOCUS Bikes

We only equip you with the newest and best materials

Gratis Bike-Verleih für Hotelgäste

Focus Bikes put themselves to the test


Uli Weiss - Sales Manager – is convinced:

"It’s like a pair of skis – first test drive, then buy!"


A bike is a very individual and personal piece of sporting equipment. You spend your most valuable time with it, your free time. It has to fit perfectly, like glasses. That’s why Derby Cycling - FOCUS invested a lot of money in the test centre and only provides bikers with its newest and best material.


You’re actually road bikers and would like to try out a Freeride-Bike or switching from a mountain bike to a road racing bike would pique your interest? In Tauernhof you have the chance. You can test different bikes free of charge on-site. Fullys, hard tails, racing bikes, e-bikes – your choice!

Just right for our FOCUS BIKE WEEKEND!


Our FOCUS Testcentre Bikes