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Best bike holiday in Salzburger Sportwelt

Make your dream come true complete the STONEMAN TAURISTA from Roland Stauder!

Salzburger Sportwelt and Flachau have been awarded with the “approved bike area” seal of quality! “Mountain Bike Holidays” has developed quality standards for bike regions and their bikehotels. Member regions - like Salzburger Sportwelt – that meet these special standards are receive this seal of quality.

Mountainbike Holiday in Flachau Tauernhof

Stoneman Taurista

360° alpine panorama

Are you ready for the challenge of the year?
If you are looking for a very special mountain bike challenge, then is the new, from Roland Stauder, Stoneman Taurista – Mountain Bike Trail in Salzburger Land just perfect for you.


SMTm Claim 123 km_SMTm Claim123 kilometres and no less than 4,500 altidude meters ascent along idyllic alpine valleys, glittering mountain lakes and promising peaks on the route of the Stoneman Trail. There you will be deeply impressed by the overwhelming 360 ° Alpine panorama

SMTm by RS-RM shadow_SMT shadow-1
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Stoneman Taurista trailpassage-rossbrand Tauernhof

Stoneman Taurista

123 Kilometres
4500 Altitude metres
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Stoneman gesamt strecke 2021

Tour map

360 Alpine panorama
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Stoneman taurista Rossbrand

Rossbrand natural trails

The Stoneman Taurista Tour, totalling 123 km, includes many natural single trails. If you cross the Rossbrand panorama mountain, you will be rewarded with a 360° view. The tour’s uphill & downhill on natural single trails is perfect for pros. A top-class mountain bike experience with a challenging route that takes you via Wagrain-Kleinarl, the Radstädter Tauern and Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, and ends in Flachau.

Signature Trail Trophy

Collect Signature Trails points and get:

BRONZE: The first 300 bronze members a drinking bottle
SILVER: the first 50 silver members a drinking bottle and a pair of gloves from Chiba
from 1000 points: GOLD: All Gold members receive a drinking bottle and the substitute 10 win a bike weekend in a "Mountainbike Holidays" bikehotel. More information here.


Tauernhof Flachau single-trail Hirschleiten

Hirschleiten Trail - Kleinarl (intermediate)

A new single trail has been opened in Kleinarl. The trail starts in approx. 300 altitude metres below the Kleinarl Hut. Initially a leisurely trail across alpine pasture ground, it turns into a real root carpet in the lower part. Enjoy a 3 km long “direct downhill run” with 400 altitude metres to Kleinarl.

More about this tour.

Tauernhof mountain bike Reiteralm-trail

Reiteralm & Planai  - Park &  Trails 

  • Mountain bikes are transported uphill by Preunegg Jet cable car
  • 15 kilometres of new mountain bike trails of various levels of difficulty
  • A free bike shuttle runs between Reiteralm and Planai.
More about Reiteralm Junior Trails

More about Reiteralm Trails

More informations about Bikepark & Trails Planai


One of the dreamlike beautiful and living river bike hiking routes of Austria. From Flachau over 263 km in length through Styria to Enns in Upper Austria. With a start in the Tauernhof.


Bike season for your bike holiday in Salzburger Sportwelt

Biking in May in Flachau


The Bikeseason is starting. May was a sunny month in recent years. Lush greenery, fresh meadows and the white mountain tops appear in contrast. There may still be snowfields in higher locations and to carry the bikes in some places.

Tauernhof sports-activities in June


Rain showers and thunderstorms towards evening are typical for June. But there is plenty of sunny and dry time for sports activities during the day. Special are the long days.

Hiking and swimming Bikehotel Flachau


Hot days with temperatures of up to 35°C and weather for going swimming can be enjoyed in July. We recommend to go hiking, biking and doing other exhausting activities in the early hours of the day.

Sporthotel Tauernhof biking in August


“Everything is possible!“ is the motto for sports enthusiasts in August. You can still enjoy July weather until mid-August. The days will get shorter and the temperatures start to drop after that.

September activities in Flachau Tauernhof


This is the perfect month for all activity holidaymakers because the temperatures reach between 15°C and 20°C. Start saying farewell to summer at traditional farmer’s autumn festivals.

Hotel Tauernhof bikingtours in October


The hours around lunchtime are best for biking in October. Arm and leg warmers on morning and evening tours are recommended. The maximum temperatures during the day reach around 20°C. However, it can get quite fresh and snow can also be expected although it doesn’t stay on the ground.

Sporthotel Tauernhof wintersports November-March

November - March

Flachau‘s bike mountains turn into the perfect ski & snowboard mountains in winter! Also great for tour skiiers. 

April Biking and Skiing Tauernhof


Biking is possible in the valleys, e.g. on the Enns Cycle Track, and in up to 1,300 m on the sun-facing mountain slopes. There may still be snow or snowfall in higher locations.