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How to look after the environment on your holiday

Responsible travel

Protection of the environment & sustainability on holiday

Hotel Tauernhof protect environment Hotel Tauernhof protect environment

Excellent and environmentally-friendly holidays at Hotel Tauernhof

That we take a look and all care about the environment is a fact. But actions must follow words. At TAUERNHOF, protecting the environment is more than lip service. We keep our promises ...

TAUERNHOF is the first and only hotel in Flachau that has been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel for highest quality standards, environmentally-friendly and sustainable management. At the same time, the Tauernhof hotel has received the EU Ecolabel and has been accepted in the league of Climate Alliance companies. But there is more; we received the umwelt blatt salzburg award for our efforts in the regional protection of the environment. In the follow-up check 2019, we achieved 309% of the target.

Climate Alliance companykbu_logos_betrieb_cmyk

As a Climate Alliance company, we are committed to carry out specific climate protection measures at our hotel. For example, we use regional materials, LED lightning, energy-efficient windows and a heat-insulating facade. As a climate protection company, we obliged to determine climate protection targets. The compliance with and the achievement of those is checked by an external body. 




The Austrian Ecolabel is only awarded to hotels that meet a wide range of environmental criteria as well as many other requirements, like relevant quality and practical implementation. The Austrian Ecolabel stands for top quality and environmentally-friendly policies: from using regional food products to responsible use of resources, like water and energy. To guarantee transparency and to assure the guests, the compliance with the strict environmental guidelines is checked and verified through an independent assessment every four years.


Umweltblatt Salzburgumweltblatt_tauernhof_flachau4_cmyk-1

At the end of March 2015, the Tauernhof hotel received the umwelt blatt salzburg award of the umwelt service salzburg organisation. Because of our waste prevention and reduction measures and our steps taken to save resources, we are one of ten Salzburg companies that have been honoured with a leaf on the umwelt baum salzburg tree for their actions. Our Tauernhof umwelt blatt leave adorned the top of the umwelt baum tree for one year. This award motivated us even more to be a role model in the regional protection of the environment and to continue to further develop our environmental protection measures.


EU Ecolabel Hotel Tauernhof



This is what we specifically do for our environment ...

Regional products 

True to the motto “the region on the plate and in the glass“, our purchase department puts great emphasis on quality products from the region and Austria. We use suppliers like the Salzburger Land Molkerei dairy, Bio aus dem Tale, the butcher’s Metzgerei Ablinger and we work closely together with regional companies. For example, your breakfast rolls are made directly in Altenmarkt, and the excellent steaks at Schusterhäusl come exclusively from Austrian cattle.

Waste separation

Apart from a sophisticated waste separation system, we also put great importance on waste prevention. We are trying to increase the use of recyclable packaging materials. We also ask our guests to prevent waste and we offer waste separation systems.

Cosmetic and care products

Using environmentally-friendly cosmetic and care products from Hotelbedarf24, we have been reducing the impact on our environment significantly. But the products we use are not just good for the environment, they are also good for our guests.


There is, to begin with, the heating system using renewable energy. The heating system uses biomass from the local heating plant. Thanks to the heat from renewable energy, the Tauernhof hotel is always pleasantly warm, and the ideal insulation of the building ensures that the heat stays inside for longer. 95% of the windows have already been replaced with triple glazed insulated windows.


An important point and an integral part of today’s life is electricity from the socket in the wall. Conversions are exclusively equipped with the latest LED lighting and all traditional lightbulbs will be replaced with LED technology step by step. This saves electricity. 85% of the electricity you use for charging your smartphone or tablet and the electricity needed for the hotel is generated from hydropower of the region. With a 41.4 KW photovoltaic system on the roof of the hotel, the hotel has even been producing part of the electricity itself since 2019. The first company e-car has also been purchased and three e-charging stations have been installed at the hotel.

e-Tankstelle_gruen_klE-station with up to 22 KW charging capacity for guests (from 2 nights) free of charge



The water you use for cleaning yourself is pure spring water from the Marbachtal Valley, at the head of the Flachau Valley, and is of perfect drinking water quality. The taps are equipped with water savers and carry the Ecolabel. We use biodegradable detergents, clean with water- & chemicals-saving steam cleaners and our wastewater pass through a fat separator before entering the canalisation. The residues from that can be reused.

#es tut nicht weh – it doesn’t hurt

When we leave the mountain, the rubbish comes with us – this is the slogan of the initiative established in summer 2019.

#es tut nicht weh is a non-profit organisation with the objective to keep nature and the mountains clean. When we find rubbish along the way, we pick it up and take it with us – always and wherever we are: on the mountain, in the valley, at the river and in town. Because it doesn’t hurt. And because we love nature and the mountains and want to keep them for future generations.

The Tauernhof hotel is a supporter of this organisation and we lead by example on our tours.