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Pumptrack facility at the Tauernhof

the first pumptrack facility right at the hotel

The countdown was on ...

... the 23rd of May 2015 at 2.00 pm was the opening of our cool pumptrack facility right at the Tauernhof FunPark! Team leader and driver of the Focus Trail Teams - Fabian Scholz - was special guest at the opening. Fabian Scholz is not only the most successful driver of the Focus Trail Team and team manager, he is still working as a development engineer for Focus.


From groundbreaking to completion

Tony Kriesche – who has already actively supported the team in planning the bike park in Wagrain – was the brain behind this project. In collaboration with Sepp our bike guide, this facility has been set up in an incredibly short time. Quite an accomplishment!

You can watch an interview of our two pump track masters - Tony and Sepp - on YouTube.


What is a Pumptrack?

A pumptrack is a special kind of mountain bike track. The aim is to build up speed without pedalling by „pumping“ the body. A pumptrack is a circuit, usually made from earth or clay. The pumptrack is intended as a training area and will enable a very playful ride.


Pump it!

We taking cycling to a new level under the motto “Pump it”. Since May 2015 you are be able to let yourself go on our pumptrack. Beginners and pros alike will get their money’s worth! And that’s a promise!

Are you already fired up for our pumptrack? You can see the first ride (even during the construction phase) on our pump track facility, on our Facebook page. Simply click here!

Be there & check it out!

 Wir suchen die Pump Queen und den Pump King - Pumptrack Contest Flachau

Opening hours and prices

Fun & Action!

We look forward to small & big and young & old - our pumptrack is fun for everyone!

Pumptrack rules

Safety first!

So that everyone can enjoy our pumptrack facility, the following ground rules must be observed ...

The Pumptrack convinced you? Send us your non-binding inquiry! An unforgettable bike holiday awaits you in Flachau!

Become Pump-King or Pump-Queen at the Pumptrack-Contest at the Tauernhof!