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The Tauernhof-Bike Shop is run by our Bike-Team. From replacement parts, repair sets, pedals, wires, jerseys, biker clothing & helmets to sunglasses, you can get everything conveniently right here in the hotel. We also offer our guests all test centre bikes and Tauernhof Tour Bikes at sensational good prices.

Bike - Shop


Helmets in rental


A must for every cyclist is the helmet. Helmets of the brand SMITH can be loaned free of charge at the hotel.

The Overtake provides maximum ventilation, superior aerodynamics and best protection. All these qualities make him the ultimate racing helmet!

Fahrradhelm Smith Overtake

The Axle bicycle helmet has been specifically designed for a long service life. The new Axle is an urban helmet that has everything to defy all adversenesses on the trail or on the road.

Fahrradhelm Smith Axle

The Maze helmet is the "to-go" helmet with a clean, modern look and comfortable fit.

Fahrradhelm Smith Maze

This helmet will change your mountain biking experience. The Carrera Shake offers maximum safety and top comfort for dirt lovers.

Fahrradhelm Carrera Shake

Carrera Pepe is a helmet model for the protection of small cyclists. The special design offers children maximum protection and maximum comfort when cycling.

Kinder-Fahrradhelm Carrera Pepe