Nordic walking 

Nordic walking for ambitious athletes & untrained people who want to get active.


Introduction & Technique

When used properly the special poles, which can be borrowed from the Tauernhof, give your upper body muscles a great workout.

You can learn the correct Nordic walking technique in our introductory session. As well as explaining the motion sequence, an introductory tour and tips for walking routes, the session also covers meditative walking.

Athletes regulars' table

The Tauernhof summer activity programme includes a daily, guided Nordic walking session or a hiking tour. To help you choose the right tour and the right equipment every evening at the athletes regulars' table you can get detailed information about the different tours . Our sport guides have loads of tips and info. Before every tour, the guide provides information about the tour, as well as insiders' tips and what you should bring with you.


The following hiking equipment is available to rent or purchase at the Tauernhof sportcamp:

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Route maps with descriptions

  • Nordic walking and running trails

  • Nordic walking poles


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