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Flachau - your perfekt hiking paradise

Hiking holidays you´ll never forget


Hiking is fashionable

The mountains around Flachau are just waiting to be climbed. The altitude here is ideal and there are plenty of marked routes for your hiking pleasure. Pull on your hiking boots, strap on your rucksack and head for the summit.

After testing your athletic endurance you can enjoy the mountain panoramic to the full, breath in the fresh mountain air and tuck into some delicious snacks in a mountain hut. Relaxed hikers can delight in the unspoilt nature and the unique mountain landscape of the Pongau region on the mountain railways.

Member of the Austrian Hiking Paradises

The Austrian Hiking-Villages count Flachau to the most beautiful hiking regions. The Tauernhof is very good located in the center and because of that the perfect base for you to capture the mountains. If you do that on a sunrise-tour, on a sporty day excursion or on a comfortable familytour - It is your choice! The fact is, you always get professional and familiar information from our guides. Do not miss our "Sportlerstammtisch" - where you get all this information. 


Flaxi recommend his favourite tour:

Flachau - Grießenkareck - Frauenalm - Flachauwinkl

Tauernhof - Hiking ACTIVE

The Tauernhof Active Program includes in the Summer from monday till friday daily guided Nordic Walking and Hiking tours. NEW - We from the Hotel Tauernhof offer you additional daily hiking tours from the end of june to the beginning of september. Togehter with our colleagues from the Sport & Activecenter of Flachau you can plan  - whenever you want during your holiday in the Tauernhof - your personally hiking tour with professional trained guides, in a group of like-minded people.

In order that you choose the right Tour for your holiday in Flachau, we provide lot of information regarding the tours for you at our "Sportlerstammtisch". Just come and visit us! Our sport guides and the one from the Activecenter have a lot tips and infos in stock. Before each tour our guides give you several explanations regarding our plant and animal life in our region as well as insidertips. During the tour you will be called to drag attention to special features, panorama highlights and picture points. The speed of the tour will be adjusted to the participants. 

If required we organise with great pleasure transfers for your individual tour.



The Sportweltbus is another service offered in the region. You only pay EUR 1,- per ride (with guest card). The bus operates daily at 2-hourly intervals in the whole region (Salzburger Sportwelt & Obertauern, except St. Johann/Pg.), from the end of June until the beginning of September. For timetables and further information please ask at the reception.

Lifts in summer

With the Flachau guest card you can go free of charge with the lift (Starjet 1 and 2) on the Grießenkareck. At the top of the hill you will find a splendidly developed network of biking and hiking trails. You can get further information about the tours and business hours at the reception.

Tauernhof top 5 walking tours:

  • Romantic sunrise tour

  • Summit tour with a stop at a traditional mountain hut

  • Mountain lake tour with picnic

  • Sunset tour

  • Visit the marmots and chamoi


Depending on the tour, you can stop-off at a mountain hut or be back in time for lunch. Hiking tours around Flachau



The following hiking equipment is available to rent or purchase at the Tauernhof sportcamp:

  • Hiking backpack

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Navigation device

  • Route maps with descriptions

  • Hiking maps

  • Hiking poles

  • First aid kit

  • Child seat rucksack


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Hiking in the Salzburger Sportwelt

The Tauernhof Picknick Backpack

Insiders' tip for a picnic

Filled with treats from our kitchen, the Tauernhof picnic is an unforgettable experience. We are also happy to give you tips to help you find the best picnic spots.