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Pure relaxation on your holiday in Austria


Feel and consciously perceive every muscle 


A massage accelerates the regeneration after sports activities and supports the holiday-well-feeling! Here you will find some treatments - an extract from Conny's repertoire.  


Conny and her colleagues are experienced, qualified masseurs and responsible for the varied massages at our Sporthotel Tauernhof. They help you to revive after sporting activities or simply to relax. On which days the massages are offered, you can get on the Infowand at the reception.


Our massages offer in Funsport, Bike and Skihotel Tauernhof in Flachau:


  • The classic massage

Can no longer be excluded from the therapeutic field. The musculature and the surrounding tissue are favorably influenced by kneading, stroking, knocking, vibrations, friction and shaking. By adding selected aromatic oils, the massage is adapted to the individual requirements of the customer.  


Full body massage   40 min. Euro 44, -

Partial body massage 30 min. Euro 33, -

Aromatherapy massage   40 min. Euro 52, -  


  • The sports massage

For the prophylaxis and relief of muscle pain due to microtraumens, scars and adhesions. It allows a faster recovery, increases the performance and reduces the risk of injury to the athlete.  


Sport massage with muscle strain     30 min. Euro 35, -  

  • Manual lymph drainage

By gentle manual pumping and stretching, accumulated fluids are transported away via the lymphatic system. Massaging is done with very little pressure. Since lymphatic drainage affects not only the lymph, but also the nervous and immune system, it is versatile.  


Manual lymphatic drainage - whole body   40 min. Euro 55, -

Manual lymph drainage - partial body 30 min. Euro 39, -

Face and ear plums 50 min. € 64, - face   30 min. Euro 39, -  


  • Foot reflexology

This alternative therapy method is based on the knowledge handed down by Indians and the teachings of American physician William Fitzgerald. Thus the whole human being is reflected in the foot. Each organ represents itself as a mirror image on certain structures of the feet (reflex zones). Through the reflexology of the feet, an attempt is made to balance the whole human being and thus also all the organs.  


Foot reflexology massage   40 min. Euro 44, -

Foot reflexology massage 30 min. Euro 33, -

Combination massage Partial & Foot reflex zone massage every 20 minutes   40 min. Euro 44, -