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Bikeurlaub: genießt die Aussicht auf den Salzburger BergenBikeurlaub: genießt die Aussicht auf den Salzburger Bergen
Bikeurlaub in der Salzburger SportweltBikeurlaub in der Salzburger Sportwelt
Unsere Sportguides entführen euch in eurem Bikeurlaub in zwei unterschiedlichen Leistungsgruppen Unsere Sportguides entführen euch in eurem Bikeurlaub in zwei unterschiedlichen Leistungsgruppen
Focus Bike Testcenter direkt bei uns im Hotel Tauernhof in FlachauFocus Bike Testcenter direkt bei uns im Hotel Tauernhof in Flachau
Bikeshop direkt im 4-Sterne Hotel Tauernhof in FlachauBikeshop direkt im 4-Sterne Hotel Tauernhof in Flachau


Thematic tours for bikers


 On the trail of our culture


There’s more than just mountains and nature to discover in Flachau. Discover the trail of the culture of Flachau and the surrounding area by mountain bike.


Gallery Vogelmühle - Schloss Lerchen Castle - Museum of local history

The journey starts at the Tauernhof. The bike path leads from Flachau to Reitdorf. The first stop is the Vogelmühle gallery. This former one-man theatre is now an art gallery. In this quaint building, you can admire and purchase works by the self-taught artist Alois Stangl. The route continues along the Enns river towards Radstadt. Radstadt is a small historical town offering a range of historical buildings that are well worth seeing, such as Lerchen Castle with its Capuchin Tower, which is also home to the local history museum.


Tandalier Castle - Höch Castle

The return journey will take you past Tandalier Castle, which is situated not far from the cycle path. It was built in 1569 as an unfortified Renaissance castle. Today, it is a youth sports club. Next you’ll come to the third castle on the route, Höch Castle. The history of this Renaissance castle dates back to the 11th century. It was renovated in 2007 and is now a meeting place for art and culture enthusiasts. The details are explained on the castle tour. Enriched with knowledge, you’ll then head back to the Tauernhof.

Culinary Bike Tours

No two Austrian pancakes (Kaiserschmarrn) are alike. Although the basic ingredients are always the same, the devil is in the detail. One is served with raisins and another without, yet another is caramelized or sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. The free-form sweets are usually served with applesauce, cranberry jam or stewed plums. Here, however, creativity knows no bounds.


What is your favourite Kaiserschmarrn?

Find out on our culinary bike tour! The Kaiserschmarrn tour puts three types to the test. Three lodges - Winterbauer, Zum Kaswurm and Moosalm - will serve all participants excellent Kaiserschmarrn. Keep in mind that cooking techniques vary by location, which affects the alternate taste. We’re curious to see what tickles your taste buds!

P.S. HERE you can find Gabriel’s Kaiserschmarrn recipe.


The family-owned Schloßalm invites you to a mountain breakfast with a picnic.

Breakfast on the alm - tour


This tour is a weekly event and one of the fixed points of every bike week in the Tauernhof.

The start: Unspectacular. A cup of coffee, standing at the reception desk and have a small talk about the fact. It is not really reasonable to start a tour without a hefty breakfast before. Meanwhile the guides are ready with the bikes in the camp. 

A group of walkers has already started half an hour ago. It is now necessary to catch them up to be first on the hut. The tour starts very simple, until we arrive at the sawmill everything its easy. After that, it is going uphill quickly. Continuously in the same inclination with the correct gear, it is to create for every biker.

The Tauernhof kitchen team has prepared a unique great cottage breakfast for us. We enjoy the free view over the Enns valley from Flachauwinkl to Radstadt. Also the view to the Winterbauer is in itself height. In the valley begins the hustle and bustle, and we enjoy the peace, the nature, hot coffee and homemade products from the Tauernhof. 

Send us your non-binding holiday request

Bike holidays with the family, in the freeride parks or on extended trips through the SalzburgerLand: The Tauernhof is your address! Send us your non-binding inquiry!